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Blocki-Mubi Fairyland


Number of bricks: 55 pcs.
Minifigures: 2
Box size (w x h x d): 49,5 x 38,5 x 10 cm
Weight:   kg

Age Group: 3+
Brand: Blocki-Mubi
Delivery time: 1-3 days
Themes: Mubi Fairy Land

11 in stock

SKU: MU9923B
Category: Mubi for Toddlers

Specially designed for little princesses who would very much like to live in the pink fairy land of blocks!

This charming mini series will appeal to girls who love the color pink and purple. This is a set that was created with the little ladies in mind. In the set you will find not only a magnificent pink palace, but also a carriage with a horse and two figures – a princess and a prince.

Blocks for the youngest.
Blocks Blocki divided their toys into two age categories – Mubi for toddlers from 18 months of age and blocks for older children from 6 years old. Mubi princesses, is a series for the youngest girls and if the creation of Block buildings becomes a passion, the girls will certainly be interested in the collection of My Girls for the age of 6+!

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